What is Social Structure

Social Structure is a system of organization of society that stems from the interrelationship and position (social status) between its members. It is determined by several factors, including economic, political, social, cultural, historical and religious.

In this way, the Social Structure establishes a series of rights and duties practiced by the various groups that constitute a society.

Society and Social Stratification

Society is defined by a group of people (called social actors) who share interests and values ​​in a given social space.

In other words, society is a totality formed by several groups that interact with each other, and all societies have a social structure.

Thus, each society has a social structure defined by the values ​​and behaviors of the constituent individuals, which play various social roles.

The social groups, in turn, establish relationships through social and cultural patterns, the structure has been defined historically.

Social Stratification is closely related to that of Social Structure. This is because society is divided into strata or social strata according to a number of factors, such as political, religious, ethnic, among others.

This stratification can occur through the caste system and also by estates (state society), where both do not allow social mobility.

Moreover, existing social classes (basically divided between rich and poor) is a term associated with the current capitalist system.

The upper class (rich) holds the power and the means of production and, on the other hand, the lower class (poor) is made up of workers and / or workers.

Social structures are twofold:

Vision macrosociological which is guided by the action of Social Institutions.

Vision microsociológica, which is guided in the study of the social system from the behavior of individuals who are part of society.

Types of social structure

Depending on the field of activity, the social structure is classified into several institutional spheres, namely:

  • Family structure
  • Political Structure
  • Economic Structure
  • Cultural Structure
  • Religious Structure
  • Educational structure
  • Military Structure

Brazilian Social Structure

Social inequality is a problem generated mainly by the difference between social strata. This fact is notorious in Brazil, since the difference between social classes in the country is something striking.

However, this panorama has acquired another aspect over the years. Brazil is one of the countries in the world that has had the highest rates of social change in recent decades. This stems from the implementation of public policies for inclusion and economic and social transformations in the country.