What is Social Organization

Social Organization is a concept of sociology that deals with the way a structured society is organized and the role each one receives.

The organization of society is influenced by behaviors and relationships between people individually or in groups.

This is why society is organized according to cultures, that is, each people is organized in a different way.

Indispensable for the survival of society, social organization is present in various social spheres, such as cultural, economic, family and political.

It should be noted that the forms of social organization change according to the needs of society over time.

And Social Structure?

The social structure is the division of society into social layers, which arise through economic, political and religious factors, among others.

Thus, the social structure can be classified into family, political, economic, cultural, religious, educational, military.

Example of Social Organization and Structure

In the family structure, the role of father and mother has changed over the years.

Rather, economically guaranteed by the work of the male figure, the economic issue became a female function as well.

Female independence and family models lead society to organize itself differently.

Social Organizations

In Brazil, Federal Law no. 9,637, dated 5.18.1998 grants the creation of the title Social Organization (OS).

Thus arise social organizations, which are private non-profit entities, which have state aid and which are of some interest to the community.

These interests may relate to culture, teaching and research, technology development, environmental protection, and health.

In this sense, the concept of Social Organization is related to that of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Examples of Social Health Organizations (OSS):

  • Charitable Association University Hospital – ABHU
  • Association for Incentive Psychopharmacology – AFIP
  • Cancer Institute Dr. Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho
  • HCFMRPUSP Teaching and Research Support Foundation – FAEPA
  • Syrian Lebanese Social Responsibility Institute