Difference Between Work and Job

What’s the difference between work and job? A job is a set of activities to generally achieve a goal and can be remunerated or not. A job is an activity that takes place in order to obtain income.

Although they are words with different meanings, most people use “work” and “job” as synonyms. However, erroneously, they do not designate only the “craft” of someone.

What’s work?

The work is the set of activities linked to goals and personal recognition.

In this sense, the work is not directly related to financial gains, but personal achievements that the individual achieves when achieving goals and objectives.

The work is strictly related to the growth of the individual. It may even be accompanied by the willingness to contribute something to the world. It is also a way to acquire skills and improve them, besides having the opportunity to take initiatives, decisions and be part of groups with common goals.

The human being is prepared for work since childhood, with the first schoolwork. These already incited that doing a job brings rewards beyond those linked to money.

An example of unpaid work is voluntary work. In it, the individual offers services and complete activities for altruism, with the simple desire to improve the world in some way.

What’s job?

A job is a position that the individual has in a company that offers payment to fulfill due duties. In this sense, it is a way of obtaining income through the activities developed.

Because it is generally linked to a company, the individual employed offers work in exchange for money. However, the same person may not feel completely happy with what he does, being the function merely a job. That is, a way to get income.

At some point in life, almost all people will have a job.

It may be that in the work you really love, or just to pay expenses and/or use the money to invest in courses and other forms of improvement. This is to finally get a job.

It is worth mentioning that a job can also be a job.

For example, a person who loves cooking get a job as a chef in a much appreciated restaurant has a job. This is because it develops activities according to what it seeks for its personal and professional growth. And you still get paid for it.