Difference Between Evil and Bad

What’s the difference between bad and evil? The best way to understand the difference between evil and bad is by the context in which words are found. This is because it hardly concerns the contrary of good, while bad refers to the opposite of good.

Definition of evil

“Evil” is the antonym of good. The word “evil” is an adverb so, referring always to a verb, and can also be used as a noun, when it means “illness“, for example.

doctor evil

As an adverb, it may mean something that was done wrongly. If used as a noun, it can be synonymous with misfortune or problem, and may also arise in the plural (evils) and be preceded by an article, pronoun or adjective.

Moreover, “evil” can also be a temporal subordinative conjunction. This means that you can substitute expressions like “so”, “as soon as” or “when”. In this case, the word indicates a passage of time.

Examples with the word Evil

  • Adverbial mode: John behaved poorly.
  • Noun: There are evils that come for good.
  • Conjunctionbarely finished the test, the bell rang.

Definition of bad

“Bad” is the antonym of good and means something or someone “without quality”. It can also be synonymous with cruel, bad, evil, among other negative denominations.

bad boy

The word “bad” is an adjective, that is, it is used to describe something or someone.Therefore, you will always be employed in this direction. The plural of “bad” is bad, while the feminine is bad.

Examples with the word Mau

  • The bad weather caused the party to be canceled.
  • The teacher was in a bad mood in the morning.
  • Man can not be bad.

So, for no confusion at the time of writing, replace bad/bad for good/good. The antonym of the one that makes sense in the phrase is the word to be used:

  • A student felt bad this morning.
    A student felt well this morning.
  • Maria was very bad at the test.
    Maria was very good at the test.
  • The dog was known to be bad.
    The dog was known to be good.
  • The couple had a lot of bad times.
    The couple had a lot of good times.