What is Nazism?

Nazism is the name given to a form policy of the dictatorship that ruled Germanybetween the years 1933 and 1945.

This period became known as the Third Reich, taking as the leader Adolf Hitler.

After the First World War, in the period from 1914 to 1918, the idea of the nazi policies came to be. Germany was fully ended upon on the economy and was still feeling the humiliation of having lost the Great War.

With this, the German population began to show all your revolt with the government. The people wanted some measure were taken, the country reerguesse again, even if I had to take a way more drastic to perform their goals.

The Creation of the Nazi Party

In the middle of the year 1919, began to appear the Nazi Party, an acronym that abbreviates the term: National Socialist Party of German Workers. This party started to disseminate some of the ideas category.

The Nazi Party preached in his speeches that everything bad that was happening at that time on German territory was the fault of the jews, that it was the immigrants, in addition to the communists and the liberals.

It was common to hear that the three types of people that fit in these three mentioned groups were finishing off with the opportunities of the “true germans”, or the so-called “pure”. This type of thinking was strong from the moment that the nazis claimed that the true germans were a superior race, the well-known “Aryan Race”.

Adolf Hitler

The birth of Adolf Hitler was in the year 1889 and, unlike what many think, he is not German because he was born in Austria.

He participated in the First World War and, after the end of it, in which Germany was defeated, it became part of a group composed of ex-combatants, all of whom came from the middle class.

This group is held in to create a kind of ideology that could make the people and the country economically and politically prosperous once more.

Already with the thought and the essence of the Nazi Party, in 1923, Hitler tried to overthrow the state and was arrested, which gave him time to write his book entitled Mein Kampf, “My struggle”, me Portuguese

In 1929, with Germany suffering from the great economic crisis, which began with the break of the stock exchange of New York, the whole country was already lagging behind, suffering with a standard of living miserable and unsustainable, leaving the way open for someone with a nationalist thinking and extremist like Hitler to come.

Due to both the people press, the German president Hinderburg was forced to put Hitler as chancellor, which was the most important office after that of president.

Thus, Adolf Hitler, commanded by the Nazi Party, has finally managed to join all the power we needed and came to the presidency in 1933. This happened after president Von Hindenburg died, giving Hitler the necessary space to proclaim himself the Führer, meaning “Leader” in the German language. With this, he could start the Third Reich.

With the peak of popularity and acceptance of nazism in Germany in 1939 started the Second World War. This war was considered to be much worse than the first, with the largest number of killed and atrocities.

Hitler then invented the three types of the main forces that they would use all their power to achieve their goals, they were as follows: the Sections of the Assault (s), the Sections of Security (S. S) or Schutzstaffel (German) and the Gestapo (secret police of germany).

Joseph Goebbels, the famous filmmaker and the minister of propaganda, was one of the donors and helpers of Hitler in his plan of world domination.

He had the control of all forms of communication that existed in Germany. He always produced advertisements that showed how the germans were the race right and superior and that this was a large reason of why they needed to control the world. With their projects, Goebbels had alienated the crowds, maneuvering around the society that I agreed with what he showed.

At the end of the war, with the defeat of the German to the allies, Hitler had no other choice but to hide in his secret hideout, and practice suicide, because he knew that he could not be caught alive.

The Characteristics of nazism

The Nazi Movement is very well known for having been strong and totally against the Jewish people. The nazis believed that the jewish people was a plague that should be extinguished, but it was not only the anti-semitism that they preached, they were also strongly prejudiced against black people, homosexuals, communists and people with some type of disability. The people who fit in those groups, they were often tortured and executed.

The most important points for the nazi regime were:

  • Racism: why do they feel the disgust of other races.
  • Pangermanismo: An idea with the goal of uniting all the German people that was scattered throughout Europe.
  • Totalitarianism: A leader who commands all without the need for a parliament to accept their ideas and projects.
  • Antiparlamentarismo: Without the parliament.

But in fact, what the Nazi Party wanted to and had as the main goal of your charge, was to build a nation of global size that was governed by a single race, the pure breed that they believed was theirs: the Aryan. They had the idea that this race to which they belonged was the most pure of the whole of Europe. They claimed that they were more intelligent and stronger than any other European, or race.

Adolf Hitler then started the Holocaust with the goal of the Final Solution, or as it was called, the “final solution to the question of jewish”. He planned to eliminate all the jews that were in German lands.

The holocaust aimed to destroy all minorities and races that were not “worthy” to stay in Germany. With this in mind, the Nazis murdered over six million jews, only with the holocaust. They took the jews to concentration camps and forced labor, and there gave an order to the most possible violent to the jewish people.

The Swastika

The symbol of the swastika was the main symbol used by the members to the nazis, such as the representation of “luck”, “prosperity” and “success”. Due to be used by the nazis, this symbol became a negative image, being forbidden in many places, even if its origin has nothing to do with the nazis, on the contrary, the symbol originally represents a lot of goodness and positive points for humanity, but, even so, the negative image of the nazis that symbol has lasted until today.

Nazism in Brazil

The nazis came to Brazil bringing their concepts and policy well before the War started. This happened due to the attempt of propaganda of the Third Reich to gather to the concepts the nazis, the German immigrants, who were more than 100 thousand at that time. Most lived together spread to the South and Southeast of Brazil.

Of the 1 million descendants of germans who were in brazilian territory, only a few are engaged in the ideal nazi, the majority did not want to follow Hitler, according to historians.

But that was not a point impactful, because even with most people not adhering to the ideal of the nazi era, Brazil was considered the country with the largest numbers of people engaged with the nazis, says the study by some researchers.

With the defeat of the German in the war, most of the condemned nazis became refugees and came to Brazil to live in colonies.

A case as well curious is that the man responsible for making all the types of experiences that are terrible with the prisoners, jews and gypsies, known as the “Angel of Death” doctor Josef Mengele, was among the refugees who came to Brazil. He lived for a long time in the country, and died in Healthful Paulo, drowned while swimming in Bertioga, a city in the interior, no one knew who he really was.


Currently there is Neonazismo, which is an ideology that tries to bring back the concepts of nazism. The prefix “Neo”, meaning “new”, is used to indicate that they promote a new nazism, though it is the same thing as the previous movement.

They argue that there is and that are part of the aryan race pure, the white race and the nordic. In the same way that the old nazis, the new nazis target the jews, blacks, homosexuals and other minorities.

Due to the similarity of their goals, other groups and sub-groups that preach the same ideals that the nazis are the Skinheads, the Ku Klux Klan, and Stormfront.