What Does Windows Mean?

Windows is an English word and its translation in Portuguese is windows.

What Does Windows Mean

Windows was one of the first operating systems designed and marketed for computers on a large scale.

Is the name given to the operating system for computers developed by the company Microsoft. It is one of the most, if not the most used around the world.

Microsoft released the first version on the market in 1993. However, since 1981, had already been working on the creation of this project.

This is the first version that was presented was only a graphical user interface. Have already been released in several other versions. Each new version that comes on the market new technologies are deployed.

The Windows XP and Windows Vista are also versions quite complete, and and that meet. Many still use them and not feel the need of a more updated version.

But these versions are not able to meet the technological updates. So for those people who work with technology or need the most advanced equipment these operating systems are outdated.

Windows 7 was developed to meet from the most simple to the most complex. Allowing the user to migrate from a previous to a more current. This also happens with the other versions.

The penultimate version was Windows 8. This version brings updates and news of the technology making access easier and with greater speed.

The last version available is the Windows 10 that came on the market in 2015. One of the great innovations presented in this new operating system is the end of internet Explorer. The browser has been replaced in this new version by the Microsoft Edge.

What Does Windows Mean?
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