What Does Web 3.0 Mean?

Web 3.0 refers to the third generation of content from the internet. The system has the purpose to organize in a more personal way, the contents of the searches made on the internet.

What Does Web 3.0 Mean

The real meaning of Web 3.0 is: the last generation of the internet. This is a new concept of internet search.


The call to the intelligent Web was created with the purpose to develop a way to search on the internet more personalized. Its creation is attributed to the idea of John Markoff, a journalist for The New York Times.

It comes as innovation of the already existing Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. As already identified in the nomenclature of the systems, one soon realizes that are the foundations of what we call “the Evolution of The Web”.

The internet specialist will ensure that in this new mode of search content, people can have custom responses and more objective.

Today when a person looks for a movie poster in the theaters, you receive the options several cinemas, and several films that are in the poster. In addition, his research also comes with information about all of the cinemas listed, summaries of all the films and other information that are irrelevant to the user.

What to expect from Web 3.0 is that, when a person do your research, as for example the search for a movie, if you type “I want to watch a movie with my family and then eat a pizza”, the sites pointed to in response to the survey will bring in the contents with information of the family movie that is showing in the nearest cinema, which is this film and what is the most suitable place for you to enjoy your pizza.

These custom responses, and intuitive should be based on the preferences and profiles of users of the internet, according to the sites that the person visit, with the subjects that the person you no longer use on the internet, and so on.

The sites of research will be developed or upgraded with smart applications and targeted advertising according to the tastes and habits of the internet user. That is why the Web 3.0 get the nickname of “Intelligent Web”.

What Does Web 3.0 Mean?
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