What Does Timeline Mean?

The Timeline is a term of English origin, whose meaning in Portuguese is the time line. Is a term quite employee on the internet, especially in social networks that present, in a particular order, the posts made by users.

What Does Timeline Mean

In another way, that means the time line is nothing more than the latest updates that have been carried out within a system. The timeline is also used by news sites that transmit live information from minute to minute for the user to follow up. This model is more known as “real-time”.

The timeline of Facebook or as may also be called the news feed is displayed on the home page, which is accessed as soon as the user makes the login. Here, you can see all of the posts, videos, and pictures that their friends took place, as well as ads and advertising advertising.

So similar is the timeline of instagram, with the difference that you are only shown pictures and videos of the user’s contacts and also advertisements.

In addition to social networks, the time line can be found in computer programs such as, for example, the timeline PowerPoint that allows you to create a timeline of events to be displayed in some type of lecture.

Timeline Zelda is the chronology of the Legend of Zelda launched in 2011 in the book “Hyrule Historia” and which includes the following games “Skyward Sword”, “The Minish Cap”, “Four Swords” and “Ocarina of Time”.

Timeline Gaucho is the name of a fanpage of a program, with the same name, and that is part of the programming of the Radio Gaucha AM 600 and FM 93.7. The presentation is performed by Kelly Matos, Luiano Potter and David Coimbra.

The Timeline is also the title of a science fiction film, released in 2003 and directed by Richard Donner.

What Does Timeline Mean?
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