What Does Symbian Mean?

Symbian is a mobile operating system mainly used by Nokia. The launch was held in 1997 and since 2010 that the company seeks, through its Symbian 3, develop and improve its features to compete with the systems that dominate the market.

What Does Symbian Mean

What is Symbian

The platform of the Symbian operating system was born from the fusion and integration of the software of Nokiz, NTT DoCoMo, Sony Ericson and Symbian Ltd.. At the end of 2008, Nokia bought just the Symbian Ltd., and thus became the main company that held the code of the Symbian, as the core of THE Symbian os and the user interface.

In February 2011, Nokia partnered with Microsoft with the aim of adopting the system Windows Phone 7 for smartphones; but in June of the same year, the system’s Symbian began to be developed by Accenture, whose contract is until the year 2016.

However, the own Nokia, in January 2013, decided not to release more devices with the system Symbian. The last model launched, within this platform, was the Nokia 808 Pureview, however some devices will no longer be assisted by the company such as the Nokia 701.

Major versions of Symbian

Since its creation, Symbian has had various versions and updates to its platform, such as the EPOC and the Symbians 1, 2 and 3.


Developed by Psion in the late 1980s. The EPOC has already had its version of 16 bit and 32 bit and its programming language was simple (LGA). The 32 bit came to be, around 1997, the Symbian OS.

Symbian 1

It was considered to be the first phone open THE through the model Nokia 9210 Communicator released in 2001, and who had, among other things, support for the Bluetooth feature.

Symbian 2

Released only in Japan in 2010 and used it as the graphical interface on the MOAP, in addition to screen dual orientation (which could rotate from portrait to landscape) and 12-megapixel camera.

Symbian 3

The last version released at the end of 2010 and that has simple menus, tap on the user interface, and hardware graphics acceleration.

What Does Symbian Mean?
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