What Does Spin-Off Mean?

Spin-Off, In the literal sense, is the same as rotation off, but your meaning is taken as the derivagem or derived from something, or is, develop or refine something that has already been created.

What Does Spin-Off Mean

The Spin-Off is used in diverse areas and sectors such as technology and communications. In the first case, refers to the cases of development of products or services that may offer more features than the previous model.

It serves as an illustration of the development of the iPhone, which since its creation (or first model) has already undergone several modifications and improvements to the last model or the released version that if you do a comparison between the first and the latest one observes a major evolution.

In the second case, the spin-off is used in programs of radio, television and also in video games or any form of narrative work, where it will be concentrated in only a portion of the work, which will be detailed.

The term spin-off is also very used by companies, be it product or a project. In this case, a company is born as a result of a spin-off of other companies earlier as a good strategy to reach new markets, improve sales and win more clients.

Spin-off series

It is a model widely used both in tv and in film and is known as the famous franchise, which originate from a movie or serie preceding that was a success.

These sequences generate good outcomes for their responsible as is the case of the series C. S. I Miami and CSI: NY, both of which were the result of the famous “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”.

Another example also famous is the series Keys and Chapolim that were born of another series called Chesperito.

It seems that the first Spin-off refers to the year 1941, The Great Gildersleeve, whose main character was Throckmorton P. Guildersleeve that was before the supporting character from an old comedy radio call Fibber McGee and Molly.

What Does Spin-Off Mean?
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