What Does Offline Mean?

The word offline is considered a computing device or program which is not is not able to be able to be controlled by a computer or communicate with it.

What Does Offline Mean

In addition, offline is a adverbio in English in the field of informatics, where this aggregate to the absence of connection to the other computer, and can be considered to be temporarily idle, without connection, disconnected from the internet or off-line.

So, being offline is something connected to the telecommunication, where the company specifies you can not be providing the necessary programming to all its affiliates, causing them to be out of network, and offline.

However, there are also types of browsers (browsers), where the user has the option to browse offline. With this, this feature causes the navigation is possible by the fact that the pages have been downloaded previously in your state online.

This function can be very useful for when your computer is off-lineoffline or disconnected from the internet.

Examples with the word offline

– The work of the school was carried out while I was online, but when you get out of line, we were able to finalize it offline.

– I’m not online, because my internet disconnected or off-line, so, I’m still offline.

Meaning of online

Online, means to be connected, being the opposite of offline, or is, is when someone connected to a particular place such as: games, facebook, forums, and several others.

The word online is an adverbio or adjective which says if a functional unit in this or not about a direct control of the computer, giving a total possibility of the user to interact online with another computer through your connected devices or even the distance, not being out of line or with your internet turned off.

Ex.: you Will be my friend this offline or online now? Connected or disconnected?

What Does Offline Mean?
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