What Does Link Mean?

Link is a word that has its origin in English, the meanings of which are connection, bond or link. It is a term that is greatly employed in the field of technology, in special, in computing, as a reference to the link.

What Does Link Mean

In this context, we can establish a clickable control pad by means of an image, phrase or just a word that allows for redirection to another page or web site, whose link is usually made into HTML.

In a similar way, the word can be used in English to present the existing connection between two elements. For example: “There is no link between the boy in the canteen and the young pamphleteer” (there is no link between the young man in the canteen and the young hard-flyers).


Although the names resemble, link is a word distinct from Lynx, this is a web browser created by the University of Kansas and that only displays text.


Link is the name of a character in the series The Legend of Zelda, that due to the success ended up winning manga. In Japan, his name is Rinku. He is a young man of the race in a fictional Hylian.

Link puzzle

It is a program or application that addresses the protection of links. With this tool it is possible to unprotect and reverse link. It is often used by users who wish to download files without the need to register on the site.

Link One is the name of a são paulo company specialized in wireless solutions. Links groups is the address that allows a user to enter in a group of WhatsApp. The dedicated Link is a form of internet connection exclusively used by companies to avoid congestion.

What Does Link Mean?
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