What Does Google Mean?

Google is a name invented for the company that today is internationally known as the best search engine of the internet.

What Does Google Mean

What is Google?

Google is a word that came out of a joke, a term created by using a pun on the word “googol”, a word invented, as it emerged at Columbia University, in the United States, by Edward Kasner, a mathematician and university professor, who introduced the term in his book “Mathematics and the Imagination”.

Kasner wanted to give a word to be remembered in a much simpler way to the hundredth power of the number 10, a number that is nothing more than the 1 followed by 100 zeros. Not satisfied with the “googol”, Kasner also was responsible for the “googol-plex”, the equivalent of a “googol” followed by a “googol” of zeros, that is, a number impossible to be written, so absurd that, to write it, it would be necessary to fill the entire Universe currently known.

Using the term coined by Kasner, two students of Stanford University, who were doing phd, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (then known as Google Guys), they created Google as a privately held company in 1998 and became a public company in 2004.

Since its inception, Google had as its mission to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful universally, with the slogan “Don’t be evil” (don’t be bad).

In 2006 there was the change of the headquarters to Mountain View, in Santa Clara County, California. Currently, Google runs over a million servers in data centers throughout the world, processing over one billion search requests and twenty petabytes of data generated by users on a daily basis.

Google hosts and develops a number of services and products to the internet, having your biggest profit generated through the advertising, through Google AdWords. In addition, Google offers a series of online applications, including Gmail, one of the first free e-mails of the internet, and manages social networks, like Google+. One of them, the Orkut, which has already made quite a success in Brazil, ended up being swallowed up by the fame and breadth of Facebook, and closed the doors.

Over the years, the company Google has been expanding its activities and seeking always to follow his mission. Currently, the Google Chrome browser is one of the most used by users, Google Translator is the best known when it is necessary to those who do not know another language, Picasa is one of the best programs organizers of photos, not to mention the application for instant messaging Google Talk, in addition to the programs online editing of texts, composition of presentations, and spreadsheet.

Today, Google is the leader in the development of the mobile operating system for smartphones, Android, open source applications with software closed-source, and based on the Linux kernel. The company’s main product, the search site Google, was ranked by Alexa as the most visited site in the world, having the company of Google considered the fourth best company in the world to work for by Fortune magazine. In addition, the BrandZ already considers Google the most powerful brand on the planet, above the Coca-Cola.

Advancing in its activities, Google has on Google Earth the first application of the use of the world to a geographical location, advancing each time more in the discovery of the situation, planetary, with layers to suit all tastes and needs. In addition to an investment aggressive in new products, such as Google Glass, that turns the glasses on a computer connected to the internet.

Recently the company has undergone a reorganization and has created a holding company called Alphabet, of which Google and all the other businesses of the company became subsidiaries. The founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin became managers of the holding company, and Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of internet business, became CEO of Google.

What Does Google Mean?
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