What Does Full HD Mean?

Full HD is an abbreviation of the expression “Full High Definition”, which in Portuguese means “Maximum High Definition”, in free translation.

What Does Full HD Mean

This term is used as a measure to express the quality and, therefore, the definition of an image, which can be a photo or a video. Thus, the meaning of Full HD is related to the definition and resolution of the image.

In numbers, the Full HD makes it possible for there to 1920×1080 lines of pixels to form the image. This ensures a greater detail of the image.

Full HD resolution

In this way, the Full HD is a way of expressing the resolution of the images and content. That is why we find tvs with resolution Full HD, for example, since it is indicative of how the image will be transmitted.

Full HD images

With the need of content with ever-increasing quality, the promises of pictures Full HD have taken over the market and that is why they are for sale cameras powerful with maximum resolution, and TVs that promise a much sharper image, for example.

In this way, the pictures Full HD have an improved look and free of any imperfections, ensuring a much better experience. The photos are with the face of professional photos, while the image on the TV looks like film.

Videos Full HD

The Full HD is also present in the daily life by means of videos watched online, as in the case of platforms style Youtube.

So those of you who want to see a video with more wealth of details you can choose this setting, achieving a result much higher than the other resolutions. In addition, the Full HD resolution does not have impact only in the image, but also in the sound, which becomes with less noise and more quality.

In this way, the term “Full HD” is used to designate the resolution of images, both photos and videos, indicating its quality. It is a term that can be used, including, for tv sets, indicating which is the quality of the transmitted image.

What Does Full HD Mean?
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