What Does Cyber Mean?

Cyber is an abbreviation of the word “cybernetic”, which, in Portuguese, means cyber. The word cyber has to do with everything related to technology and especially computers. So, this word means, in short, a large concentration of advanced technology.

What Does Cyber Mean

The word began to be used even in the 80’s and since then has gained a variety of uses, including a personal style – called cyberpunk. Despite this, the significance of cyber continues to be in relation to the technology in general, although it is a term in relative disuse.


Although the word cyber come originally from “cybernetic”, it has an etymology of curious, since that also finds its origin in the Greek word κυβερνήτης , and whose meaning is “art of governing” or “one who rules”.

So, long before the existence of technology the word “cybernetic” was already used in English to identify some operations, including the military. The technology has advanced and the reduction for cyber became popular.

What is a cyber cafe?

When technology began to play an important role in the lives of the people emerged the first cyber cafes. But you know what this is?

cyber café is a place that acts as a main activity, such as the cafeteria or the bar. In addition, however, this place provides customers with access to the internet, usually at a chargeable rate.

The cyber café is different from internet cafes, since these are properties made exclusively for those who want to use computers. Thus, the cyber café has brought the concept of social interaction combined with virtual interaction.

As today, people are much more connected by mobile devices, this type of establishment is not as popular as a few years ago. Despite this, they continue to make success – including due to the services of the cafeteria.

In addition, there are many cyber cafes have undergone adaptations and instead of offering computers offer a zone of wi-fi so that people can access their devices freely by consumption in the establishment.

In this way, the word cyber is an abbreviation of the word “cybernetic” that you have, even Greek origins. With the technology and its advancement, cyber today is related to everything that exists on computers, the internet and advanced technology in general.

What Does Cyber Mean?
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