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MS-Word has many features and one of them is the tab. With it, it is possible align texts in a variety of positions, including many of the in the same line. This tutorial will explain how to use tabs in your texts in MS-Word (or only Word). It is expected that the reader has at least basic knowledge about this program.

Using tabs

Imagine that you need to compose a text in the company they work for, where the name of the firm must be to the left, the number of the page in the centre and the title of the document to the right, all on the same line. Impossible? Not with the use of tabs. First let’s run this example and then give a more detailed explanation.

The first step is to enter the texts. In example, we will use DigoPaul as the name of the the company, Page 1 as an indication page and Using tab in Word as the title.

With the text typed, go to step alignment. To do this, click on the button tab (seen below) until the adjustment to the left (usually this is the default and appears first). This is done, click anywhere in the white space of the ruler of the Word. Notice the tab symbol to the left appears. Click on it and drag it to the beginning of the ruler to align the word DigoPaul to the left of the line (the alignment of the word will be done later).

Now we have the points of alignment. Just now align the words. As DigoPaul is to the left, place the cursor in the Word before the letter I of DigoPaul. For this just click with the left mouse button at this point. This is done, press the button Tab on your keyboard.

Do the same procedure by placing the cursor in front of the letter P of Page 1 and pressing Tab. Repeat the actions for the sentence Using Tab in Word: place the cursor in front the letter U of Using and hit Tab. Note that in the example below, the font size has been decreased so the tabs would clear. Now, the text is in the formed desired: name of the company to the left, indication of the page in the center and the title of the document to the right.

Now Imagine that it is more appropriate to put the the title of the document in the two lines. For this reason, after the word Tab click on the button Enter on your keyboard. Notice that in Word stayed on the line below, but aligned to the left.

You must have noticed that each time Enter is pressed, the sequence of tabs if repeated on the new line. As now the content of the document will be typed and not be longer necessary to use the tabs,go to the line where the text will begin. Then click with the left mouse button on each of the signals tab and drag away from the ruler. To do so, immediately the tab stops exist for that paragraph (a paragraph is created every time you Enter is pressed), but it remains for the superiors. This makes it clear in each paragraph it is possible to use a string tabs differently, without that the other paragraphs if you change it. If you want multiple paragraphs stay with the same layout tab, select them and apply the sequence of tabs you want.

As you may have noticed, the trick is on the button tab. Each time that it is triggered, a type of alignment arises. Just choose the one you want, click with the left mouse button on any point of the ruler and after pressing the button Tab on your keyboard to align the text related.

In the first line, the phrase Report quarterly will serve as the title and it should come out centered on the table. The column with the names of the months will be with left alignment. The columns with values will be with alignment to the right.

After typing the table, select the last 3 lines and create a left tab, and in sequence, two tabs decimal. Press Tab until all the columns are aligned. In the second line, create tabs for the words that serve as titles of the columns. Finally, select the first line and create a tab-central place the title of the way distributed over the table.

Note when using the decimal tab, Word align the numbers in a precise manner, leaving-commaunder comma, decimal points under decimal places.

– If you want to take out all the tabs, go Format / Tab and click Clear All. If you want to delete the tabs of a given chunk, select it, go in Format / Tab and click in Clean;

– The tabs also work in the Header and in the Footer, so you can use them for that given row to repeat on all pages;

– It is important to note that if a file that uses tabs is opened on a computer that has regional settings are in another language, the alignments may be different due to issues of measures and standards. As an example, in the United States, use the point to separate decimal places (such as 100.00), while in Brazil we use comma (example: 100,00). This difference can affect text alignment decimal. When you notice this problem, go to the Panel Control and in Settings Regional adjust the system to the original language of the file, so that the tab appears in the right way;

– When you click a tab with the left mouse button to move it over the ruler, press then the right button of the mouse, leaving both the buttons pressed. With this, you will notice that will be possible to move the tab with much more precision.


The tab is a feature that is very helpful in formatting of texts, since, in addition to to allow a better view of the content, also causes the information to be better organized. Obviously, the subject matter is not limited to the discussed in this tutorial. Thus, explore the tool and see what more she can offer.

Using Tab in Word 1

Using Tab in Word
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