Publishing Your Web Site: Tips Initial Domain and Hosting


You have already learned HTML, Flash, CSS, editing images, etc. Based on this, set up a website, put the text, photos, and animations. But still missing a step important: how to publish it on the Internet? For you to help in this task, this article will show you the difference between a domain and a hosting, and that you need to know it is time to choose a place to make your page world.


Hosting (the host, in English) is a, basically, a service that you contract with to publish your site.There are plans of hosting paid and free, but the first type generally offers much more features than the second. Hosts free, in addition to limited in several aspects, often display banners or bars with advertising, including can misalign the layout of the site or even bother the visitor. By this, in most cases, the ideal is to hire a hosting service paid.

At the time of choosing a plan, you must analyze some details:

Disk space: always choose a plan that offers more space than your site really is. Some tools, as the statistics and the e-mail itself, may also to occupy space, and there should always be a precaution if the site change the layout or increase your content;

Bandwidth or monthly traffic: in addition to the disk space the site occupies, some hosting plans also limit the monthly traffic to your site. The more visits a site has, the more traffic it will generate, so it is essential acquire a plan with the band “loose”. You never know when you can there is a peak of visits on the website, and it is very unpleasant find a page out of the air because the domain already exceeded its monthly quota of traffic;

Redirect: also called alias, the redirection it is a “mask” that is used in website addresses and domains to point to another address. For example, I can create the e-mail [email protected] – free on-Gmail – and in the control panel of the hosting of my domain, configure a redirect this address to [email protected] So, when someone send me a message in the first e-mail, I will get to in a second without spending bandwidth of my hosting. The same way, you can make the redirection of domains. For example, the address you can point toerikasarti.blogspot.coma address out of my site. You can still point a subdomain to a address within the site itself, such as pointing to;

Control panel: today, the vast majority of plans hosting provides this feature. By means of the control panel you have access to all the tools that your hosting offers, enjoying them all without having to ask release to technical support. Access to website statistics, create email accounts,management of alias, and installation resources the following are additional examples of what you can find in the control panels the most common market;

Statistics: although there are great services free statistics, almost all hosts of the the market offer this type of tool. It is very important keep up with frequency information such as browsers and operating systems that users use (for able to tailor your site to the most number of visitors possible), keywords used to get to him and links on third-party sites which visitors clicked to arrive up to you.

If you are going to publish a portfolio site, professional liberal, service or company, it is worth investing in a plan hosting paid, to have the security of having your site all the time all in the air (or, at least, almost all the time), in addition to not to ruin your layout with the banners and bars typical of free room nights.

But, if you are publishing a personal site or for testing, the free hosting can be a good option. The important is to get to know other sites that are already using the same service, to assess the extent to which the advertisements influence on the display of the work, and if the service does not come from the air constantly. Tools additional statistics, as has already been said, can be found free and installed the part, if the host do not offer this service.


In a nutshell, the domain name is the name that consists the address of the site. You are going to purchase, that is, register a domain – final .with, .net, .org or by example – for a minimum period of one year. If in twelve months your annuity is not renewed, the domain will be available to another person or company to register. It is also possible to have the option register or renew your domain every two years or more.

To acquire a domain (or other termination .br), you must have a CNPJ (company) or CPF (natural person) and make the purchase through the site

As for international domains, that is, that end in .with, .net, .org, .info and others, you do not need any document. Search Google for “registry of domain” with you or ask if known what the companies registry of international domains they recommend – with the instability of the dollar, it is worth searching in several companies because the prices vary quite a bit.

After completing the registration of a domain, you you will need a DNS address (to learn more about it, read the article on DNS posted here on DigoPaul). Is the DNS that will cause your site to be found on the servers of the hosting service that you hire. The DNS is usually provided by the company host. Later, you simply insert this information on the panel of the service where you registered the domain. If you sign up for hosting and domain registration through the same company, usually the DNS configuration will be done automatically.

Note that, in the same way that it is advisable to seek a paid hosting for professional websites, the investment in a address own – costing, on average, 30 real by year – shows the concern and professionalism with the site that was developed. Domains and redirects free often give the impression that the the content of the site “not worth spending” with a own address, which is often unforgivable for businesses, services or professionals that seek to establish itself in the market.


To end, here is a small list of hosting services and domain registration the most well-known. Some, because they international, require payment in dollars, what can be done by means of international credit card and services such as Paypal:

  • Name(company brazilian);
  • UOL Host(company brazilian);
  • Bluehost(the company north american, payment in us dollar);
  • DreamHost(the company north american, payment in us dollar);
  • HostGator(international but with the brazilian subsidiary);
  • Google Sites (free service from Google for creating web sites);
  • GoDaddy(popular service of registration of domains, payment in dollar);
  • official records of domains ending in .br).

Of the paid hosting services listed, all also do domain registration. But the tip is to always search, because the prices vary quite a bit. And, as you saw in the course of the article, you do not need to register the domain in the same company that will host the site.

Publishing Your Web Site Tips Initial Domain and Hosting 1

Publishing Your Web Site: Tips Initial Domain and Hosting
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