How to Erase the Bios Settings

Many computer technicians or users who have bought computers of other people have already encountered the following situation: when you try to access the BIOS Setup of a computer, this was protected by a password unknown. If this is not possible find a person who knows the correct sequence, it will be necessary to appeal to methods that are able to delete the settings of the BIOS Setup and, consequently, the password that protects it. They come up in the forums and lists discussions of questions of type “how to reset the BIOS”, “how to reset the BIOS” and so on. The DigoPaul tested a series solutions found on the Internet and put here to proved to be more efficient.

Before you start

Before you begin, be aware that the methods here shown have been thoroughly tested and, even so, there is no as the DigoPaul make sure that they are 100% efficient, or that will not cause problems on your computer. Thus, the DigoPaul not liable because any damage that arises after the execution of the procedures in this article.

By via of the doubts, back up (backup) for your most important files.

Clearing the BIOS settings

There are some apps that can delete the settings BIOS, as the ClearCMOS, however, in testing the DigoPaul, he was not functional in some motherboards (especially the manufactured by Intel).

As not always it is possible to appeal to programs (for issues license, lack of access to the Internet, or other), the use codes or scripts, if it shows better.

For the application of the codes, the DigoPaul used the command debug to MS-DOS. It is possible to run codes in Assembly language (a language that, roughly speaking, works directly with the hardware).

Although you can run the debug in the Windows environment (for so, go to Start / Run, type cmd and at the prompt, type debug – go to the folder C:\windows\system32 if the command is not is found, or not run correctly) is recommended run the script outside of this system. For this, the DigoPaul used a simple boot floppy for Windows 98. As the computer already it was configured to boot by this means, we simply insert the floppy disk in the machine after you turn it on.

When the DOS prompt becomes accessible, type debug and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Then, enter the following code. At the end of each line, press the Enter key:

CMP CX,100
JB 103
INT 20
(press the Enter key once more)

Notice that in the above code, there are three letters used isolation: A, G and Q. The letter A serves to the debug to know that you must run the code in machine language. The letter G has the function of executing the corresponding tasks to the code. In turn, the letter Q is used to exit debug.

Note that during the execution of the code, a string characters appears at the beginning of each line. This does not represents errors. It is just the indication of addresses memory.

If you type something wrong, the debug points out the error and repeats the line. So, just enter the corresponding code again, as shown in in the image below. Even so, be careful to type everything correctly and not to jump any line.

Important: be careful not to confuse the number zero with the letter O. In the above code, this letter is not used.

Terminated the execution of the code, just restart the computer and try to access the BIOS Setup. If the code worked, the password will not be requested, and so can you make the modifications you feel necessary. Is important to note that you will have to configure the date and time again, in addition to other options.

OBS.: this procedure does not cause damage to the operating system, however, in testing the DigoPaul, a computer ceased to load it. The problem was resolved after the option PCI IDE Bus Master has been disabled in the BIOS Setup. So, when you have problems, check the configuration of the Setup or look for someone with knowledge to do this, if you do not have a lot of experience in the subject line.

The other codes

There are other codes that can also be used to to delete the configuration of the BIOS Setup. However, some only work on certain models of motherboard. Thus, if you do not have success with the above code or want to run a more simple, you can try the following strings, all executed in the debug command (press the Enter key at the end of each line):

the 70 2e (the first character is the letter O)
the 71 ff (the first character is the letter O)

Code geared to the BIOS of AMI/Award
the 70 17 (the first character is the letter O)
the 71 17 (the first character is the letter O)

Code directed to BIOS of Phoenix
the 70 FF (the first character is the letter O)
the 71 17 (the first character is the letter O)


It is convenient to refer to the manual of the motherboard before run some code to delete the settings the BIOS Setup, since there are many models that have a jumper himself for this. In addition, the diversity of existing BIOS causes that is not always a given code to work. So, if you have made a series of attempts without success, as a last resort, look for the technical support of the manufacturer of the motherboard.

How to Erase the Bios Settings 1

How to Erase the Bios Settings
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