How to Create PDFs Quickly

The files format PDF (Portable Document Format) it is increasingly used, mainly for its characteristic to avoid that a document is changed. Thus, it is a format excellent for the distribution of electronic books (e-books), for the generation of routes electronic documents, for the creation of manuals, among others. In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly convert files of various types in PDF. If you want more details about this format, click here.

That can be transformed in PDF

Virtually all files that can be printed, can have a PDF version. Thus, a PDF can be a Word document or Excel, a file in TXT, an Internet page, among others. This makes it clear that you do not need to use a specific program editing PDFs to create one.

This is possible because the programs that convert files PDF is usually installed in the system as a virtual printer. That is why the paragraph above mentions that any file printable can be turned into PDF. Thanks to this mode of operation, a multitude of file formats can be converted.

When you send a file to be printed, the computer generates a special file, to the printer, it serves as a “photograph” document. The virtual printer of PDF generator “picks up” this “photo” and the print, only in PDF format. If you want more details about this, read this article.

Software for generation of PDF

The software is most known for the generation and manipulation of PDF files is Adobe Acrobat. It is necessary to be careful not to confuse it with the Adobe Reader, which is book a free reader of PDFs, or is, is a program that generates files in this format, only reads.

The problem of Acrobat is its price. You can leave in the account for medium and large enterprises, due to the resources generous offers, but for the home user or for companies of small size, the acquisition of licenses can be a cost prohibitive. In addition, at least until the closing of this tutorial,the Acrobat was only available for the operating systems Windows and Mac OS X.

Fortunately, there are free programs and of acceptable quality for the generation of PDFs. There are versions for virtually all the operating systems. Still, there is software that already have a generator PDFs integrated (in this case, the generation the PDF is generally done by the options save/Save as), as is the case of the package (in Brazil, called You can search for a generator in Pdf to your system download sites, such as the and the

For this tutorial, we will use the program PDFCreator, which can be obtained on its official page. This is a software open source, free and compatible with almost all versions of Windows since issue 95. Is important to note that you can use other programs, because they probably the operation will be the same, or similar, that is, the conversion will be done through a virtual printer. This occurs because most of the PDF converters work this way.

After you install the program (the installation procedure it is not explained here because it’s trivial), it will add the virtual printer in Windows, as shown in the image below.

Generating the PDF

As has already been said, virtually any file that can be printed, can be converted to a PDF. So, for this tutorial, we will use a matter of the Blog DigoPaul . The the page in question is here, but you can use any file on your computer, if you prefer.

When you choose the print device, note that you can choose among one or more printers true previously installed and the virtual printer PDFCreator.

Notice that after you select the printer, if the Properties button (shown above) is fired, and then the Advanced button, it is possible to make settings in PDFCreator. The configuration options vary depending the program chosen.

Set the settings, we go to print, or better, to the process of creating the PDF file. For so, just click on the Ok button of the window shown in the first figure this topic. The program will ask you to choose a name and a location to save the PDF and, in the same window, you can insert additional information. Note that, still in this screen you can access a series of setup options through the Options button. However, it is important to note this is a feature of PDFCreator.

When everything is ready for the PDF file to be created, click Save, and the generation process will start and it will take a few moments. In some software, the PDF file opens automatically after its generation (provided that you have installed any program that reads PDFs, such as Adobe Reader). If this does not happen, you just go in the directory in which the file was saved and open the file manually. The image below shows the PDF done. As indicated in the title bar, your name is ba_digopaul.pdf: Click here, if you want to view it.

Creating PDF with Google Docs

And if you are using a public computer and need to urgently create a file in PDF? What to do if you do not you can install a suitable program for this purpose? Fortunately, the Internet account with multiple services that offer the option save content in PDF format. One of them is the Google Docs service offered by Google that allows the use of a text editor, a spreadsheet editor and a generator of presentation slide through the internet. Google Docs allows you to create and open files of various types, among them, Microsoft Office formats, files in ODF, HTML, TXT, between other.

In addition to working with these formats, Google Docs also allows you to save them as PDF, as shown in the previous image. Thus, if you have a Word document, for example, you can open it with Google Docs and, after that, export it in PDF format. Note that, to use Google Docs, it is necessary to have an account on Google. If you use Gmail or Orkut, for example, just use the login these services.


In this article, you saw how to generate PDFs quickly. These files still may be edited. You can, for example, to delete a word or add a watermark. But, for this, is need to check if your generator PDFs account with such resources. Adobe Acrobat is the most advanced in this aspect. In it, you you can even add videos to PDF. When you generate a file in this format, explore the options that your generator program offers. In many, it is possible to incorporate sources, reduce the quality of the file to make it smaller, add passwords, prevent printing, anyway. We hope that you do good use of the PDF format!

How to Create PDFs Quickly 1

How to Create PDFs Quickly
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