Fifteen Tips for PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the program most remembered when the subject is presentation of slides. Whether at school, whether in college, be it at work, be even in the house, its use is very common, reason for which the DigoPaul presents the following fifteen tips to help you better use of the resources offered by the tool. The tips presented on this page have been tested and validated on PowerPoint 2003 and in PowerPoint 2007 in Portuguese Brazil. Let’s to them:

1 – When you open a PowerPoint file, make the start of the presentation immediately

If you save your PowerPoint file using the option default save extension (.ppt in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier, extension .pptx version 2007), the program always the will open so that you can edit it. However, you can do with PowerPoint to start the presentation of the slides immediately, as soon as the file is opened. To do this, do the following:

– in PowerPoint 2003, go to the menu File, choose Save as and, in the field Save how to type: in the window that appears, choose the option PowerPoint presentation. Note that the file will be with extension .pps;

– in PowerPoint 2007, click on the button Office (in the upper left corner of the screen), choose the option Save as and, finally, the item Presentation PowerPoint slides. The file will be with the extension .ppsx.

Now, do the test. Close the PowerPoint and click on the created file. Note that it will open immediately in view show. To end the presentation, click on the key ESC on your keyboard.

2 – go Back to the beginning of the presentation quickly

Suppose you have a presentation with 30 slides and, there on the twentieth, a discover that you need, for some reason, start the presentation again. To return to the the beginning (the first slide), simply press the buttons the left and right mouse at the same time for two seconds.

3 – Hide the presentation without exiting PowerPoint

During the slide show, you can leave the screen PowerPoint fully black or fully white. This feature it is useful for, for example, to make the viewers pay attention on something that you have in your hands. For so, do the following:

– To make the screen all black, press the E key on your keyboard;

– To make the screen all white, then press the C key on your keyboard.

– To return to the presentation where it left off, simply press any key.

4 – Use the slide format in portrait

Suppose you need to generate a poster on an event any. You can use the PowerPoint to this as a “breaking twig”, after all, he has interesting graphics features. But how to do this is the PowerPoint only generates slides in landscape format, being that the poster should be in portrait?

Fifteen Tips for PowerPoint 1

Fifteen Tips for PowerPoint
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