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What is Culture?


Culture is a word that, until the EIGHTEENTH Century, when it came the movement known today as the Enlightenment, from France and spreading through the known world, had only the sense of cultivation. It was the culture of the grape, wheat and…
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What is the Tale?


The tale is a genre textual marked by the narrative short, written in prose and of less complexity compared to the novel. The origin of the tales is related to the tradition of telling stories verbally. When transcribed, these same stories…
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What is Angioplasty?

Meaning of Angioplasty

What is an Angioplasty? Angioplasty is a procedure done to unclog coronary arteries that are clogged by fat. The coronary arteries (right and left) are responsible for carrying the blood to the myocardium, which is the heart muscle.

What is Eroticism?


Although the eroticism is defined in the dictionary as a state of sexual excitement, this is a feeling that is much more related with the manifestation of everything that has a tendency or a character of the erotic and also sexuality itself. So, a hint, for example, may or may…
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What is Paradox?


Paradox is a word that comes from the Latin paradoxus, and wants to say the opposite of the common opinion, where “to” has as its meaning “the opposite of” and “doxus” meaning “opinion”. Currently paradox, more precisely, refers to an idea that apparently has…
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What is Enlightenment?

Meaning of Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment? Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that occurred in eighteenth-century Europe, and had its greatest expression in France, stage of great development of Science and Philosophy. In addition, it had great influence in the cultural, social, political and spiritual context in…
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What is Confucianism?

Meaning of Confucianism

What is Confucianism? Confucianism is a Chinese ethical, philosophical and religious system, founded by Confucius. It was the official doctrine of China for more than two thousand years, until the beginning of the twentieth century.

What is Sociology?


Sociology is a term coined in 1838 by the French philosopher auguste Comte in his Course of Positive Philosophy, is derived from a hybridisation, that is, from the Latin “sociu-” (society, associations) and the Greek “logos” (word, reason and study), and refers to…
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What is Fiber Optic?

Fiber Optic

Optical fiber is a word used to classify a technology of data transmission at high speed. Many people still confuse the written form and the spoken of the optical fiber. Some would argue that it is the correct fiber optic with no “P” for…
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What is Impressionism?


Impressionism is classified as a noun masculine. The meaning of Impressionism expresses an artistic movement that emerged in France in the mid-NINETEENTH century, characterized by developing a style totally unique, during the period of the Belle Époque (“Beautiful Era”).

What is Fake News?

Fake News

Fake news means “false news”. Are the news, does not represent the reality, but that are shared on the internet as if it were true, mainly through social networks. Typically, the goal of a fake news is to create a controversy around a situation or…
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What is Prophylaxis?


Prophylaxis is the set of precautions we can take to prevent certain diseases. The first idea that comes to mind is vaccine, right? Yes, the vaccine is a form of prophylaxis very important for many diseases, but there are also some issues…
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What is Social Stratification?

Social Stratification

Social stratification is a concept in sociology used to analyze and interpret the classification of individuals and social groups, based on data and socioeconomic conditions in common. The main goal of social stratification in the context of the study of Sociology…
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What is Modernism?


The Modernism in brazil was a movement of artistic and cultural , that brought together several artists unhappy with the fact the brazilian art does not engage in dialogue with the culture of the country. The movement was born out of the excitement of the…
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