2024 Public Holidays in El Salvador

Public Holidays in El Salvador in 2024


El Salvador, a vibrant Central American nation, observes several public holidays throughout the year. These holidays hold cultural, historical, and religious significance for the Salvadoran people. In 2024, El Salvador will celebrate a diverse array of holidays, each with its own traditions and customs.

National Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1st

New Year’s Day marks the beginning of the Gregorian calendar year. In El Salvador, it is celebrated with parties, fireworks, and family gatherings. Many Salvadorans attend church services or participate in traditional rituals to welcome the new year with hope and optimism.

Feast of San Salvador – August 6th

The Feast of San Salvador is a religious holiday that honors the patron saint of El Salvador, Jesus Christ as the Divine Savior of the World (El Divino Salvador del Mundo). It is celebrated with religious processions, Masses, and cultural events throughout the country. The city of San Salvador, the capital, hosts the largest festivities, including parades and concerts.

Independence Day – September 15th

Independence Day commemorates the independence of Central America from Spanish rule in 1821. In El Salvador, it is a day of patriotic pride and celebration. The streets are adorned with the colors of the Salvadoran flag, and people gather for parades, concerts, and traditional dances. The president delivers the “Grito de Independencia” (Cry of Independence) to honor the heroes of the independence movement.

Day of the Cross – May 3rd

The Day of the Cross (Día de la Cruz) is a Christian holiday celebrated with colorful processions, music, and feasting. It honors the Holy Cross and is observed with religious fervor in many communities across El Salvador. People decorate crosses with flowers, palm leaves, and other ornaments, and hold outdoor festivities to commemorate the occasion.

All Saints’ Day – November 1st

All Saints’ Day is a Christian holiday that honors all the saints and martyrs, known and unknown. In El Salvador, it is a day to remember and pray for deceased loved ones. Many Salvadorans visit cemeteries to clean and decorate the graves of their relatives, and attend Mass to offer prayers for the souls of the departed.

Christmas Day – December 25th

Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is one of the most important Christian holidays worldwide. In El Salvador, it is a time of joy, family reunions, and religious observance. People decorate their homes with nativity scenes, lights, and ornaments, and exchange gifts with loved ones. Churches hold special services, including Midnight Mass (Misa de Gallo), to mark the occasion.

Table of Public Holidays and Days Off

Holiday Date Days Off Groups
New Year’s Day January 1 1 All
Feast of San Salvador August 6 1 All
Independence Day September 15 1 All
Day of the Cross May 3 1 All
All Saints’ Day November 1 1 All
Christmas Day December 25 1 All


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